Joseph Ribkoff for the #GirlBoss in You


Say hello to one of our new sliders on for Spring 2016, featuring our #1 selling top by Joseph Ribkoff! Also say hello to the cutie pie on the left, we don’t know his name but we all love him!

We want some feedback on our slider. What do you see as “their story?” What’s he feeling? What do you think she’s feeling? So, me, I think that he is so in love with her, he sees double. 🙂

This Joseph Ribkoff Tunic 161060 In Black is our #1 selling top. The asymmetrical hemline of this sleeveless dream creates a flattering look for almost all body types. This style is so strong that Joseph Ribkoff not only offers it sleeveless, but also in three-quarter sleeves and in a number of colors.

This silky-knit fabric by Joseph Ribkoff is amazing! It’s washable and wrinkle-free, travel  wear as well as career wear, creating the perfect “Miss Independent” personal daily vibe we’re all striving to hit the mark on.

This fabulous sleeveless top is a great update to any favorite work jacket in your closet. When styling our clients, a question often asked is: “is it okay for my top to fall below my jacket?” Our response is “absolutely!” Today’s style reflects feminine silhouettes with layered hemlines, without definitive ending. It keeps us mysterious.


We as personal fashion stylists at Mary’s and Addicted Jeans Store in Clinton, NJ, and Addicted Chic at The Shoppes at Flemington in Flemington, NJ love to style women to their highest level of confidence. We believe that dressing smart goes right to a woman’s brain. No better way to get you walking and talking like a #girlboss.


We love to eliminate brain distractions like: “am I dressed right?” and “what’s she wearing that I’m not wearing?” But rather, we like to take a woman to the style height that enables her to walk right into the workplace bursting with self-assuredness. The only brain slide would be to the handsome man who just walked into the room.

Thank you, Ne-Yo for this slammin’ video. We love powerful women in the workplace too.


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We believe in you! Go get it, girl.

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