3 Stories of Transforming Power

Cinderella 1 “Does it matter what we wear everyday?”

Here are 3 stories that might help you decide.

1.) A dear friend of mine, Liz,  teaches special needs kids in Newark, New Jersey. She loves them beyond what we normal hearts can imagine. Despite her selfless love, they curse at her, spit at her and threaten her all the live long day.

Liz recently told me that the teacher who was supposed to attend the prom night with these kids, suddenly defaulted. That meant the kids could not go! Even though Liz was completely exhausted, she volunteered to go since the kids would miss this one-in-a-lifetime prom night, unless they had a teacher chaperone! She said she complained the whole way there, over an hour drive from her home in Easton, PA.

She now says it was one of the best nights of her life! She had the most wonderful time with her students! The pictures from the night show Liz with all of her kids with their arms around each other, dressed to the nines and smiles from ear to ear.

Most miraculous was Liz said that dressed in their formal attire the kids were completely different. Their foul mouths were gone. They were well behaved, and overall it was the most splendid, love-filled evening that she will remember forever.

What transformed these kids from “special needs” to ladies and gentlemen for one magical evening?


2.)  Someone else tells of her freshman year at college. She says she wasn’t sure what to wear when she went to classes her first year at university. Her first semester she chose to roll out of bed just before class, throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt and off she would go.College student

Her second semester, she decided she was going to make the effort,  get up an hour before classes, fix her hair and a touch of makeup and wear a cute outfit to class. She says it changed everything! “I was so happy” she exclaims! “It changed my entire disposition to feel like I looked cute, and I had such a great time! I couldn’t believe the difference!”

3.) One last story is of the girl who lost her mom when she was young, and grew up being best friends with her dad. Well, it happened that just after her dad remarried, he died suddenly. Her new step mom ended up mistreating her shamefully. All the more, she was mocked by her step sisters, and was banished to live in the attic. After the death of her dad, she was diminished from being the one who was cared for most dearly in the household, to being the slave in the house who was to do all the upkeep, cleaning and chores!

As you may have guessed, we are hearing our culture’s most beloved Cinderella story. But let’s think how Cinderella would have felt, and acted, if she had to go to the ball in her peasant rags and unkempt hair and face.


Now let’s imagine how the magical transformation of her clothes, hair and face must have made her feel inside, bringing out the princess qualities that were always there, just like in all of us.

So, does it matter what we wear every day? Does what we wear give us transforming power? What do you think?  -Annie


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