Best colored denim for fall?

Want some color in your jeans for fall, but not sure what’s on trend?

Here’s your answer from a worldwide leader in denim, Citizens of Humanity.

Deep, rich, classic colors are the trend, and here’s the top 3.


1. What’s Barolo? It’s the fabulous name C of H came up with for their velveteen high rise skinny that we’re all drooling over. Colored denim for fall? Stay subtle and rich with your colored denim for fall 2015, and you’ll stay chic. Citizens Of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny In Barolo.

2. What’s Decibel? decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit that expresses the ratio of two values of a physical quantity, often power or intensity… Well, in this case, not so much, only if it’s measuring the physical leap in my heart rate when seeing the color of these distressed gray skinnies, C of H calls ‘Decibel.’  Citizens Of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny In Decibel

3. Who can question black? We all love black.


We love to see our legs in black. Black is sexy. Black is slimming, especially in this new “Sculpt” design by C of H. RocketHighRiseBlack03

Citizens of Humanity Sculpt Technology allows for a perfect lift and contour! Citizens of Humanity High Rise Rocket Skinny in Black

(We know, you’re all lusting after those booties! Just click here!)

Stay tuned in and we’ll keep your style chic for fall!

Luv you bunches,


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