Best colored denim for fall?

Best colored denim for fall?
Want some color in your jeans for fall, but not sure what’s on trend? Here’s your answer from a worldwide leader in denim, Citizens of Humanity. Deep, rich, classic colors are the trend, and here’s the top 3.   1. What’s Barolo? It’s the fabulous name C of H came up with for their velveteen high rise skinny that we’re all drooling over. Colored denim for fall? Stay subtle and rich with your colored .

I can only do 3 things at a time.

Annie Rossi, Stylist & Owner, Addicted Chic
Hey everybody!  I’m Annie.  I’m really excited to be writing my first blog post!  I really didn’t know how to start other than to say what I’m all about.   Well, at least one of the things that I’m all about.

Here’s my own personal inside scoop:  “I can only do 3 things at a time.  If I’m doing only one, it’s so boring.”

Where am I in this picture?  I am sitting at the top of our 3 flights of stairs at 43 Main Street, Clinton, NJ.  The building is over 100 years old, we’ve got brick walls & massive wood beams along with a 12 foot ceiling on our 1st floor, 7 foot ceiling on our 2nd & 10 foot ceiling on our 3rd.

That’s where our diversity only begins.  My team and I are fashion stylists and denim fitting specialists. We can style you for anything from a rock concert to a wedding, from size 0 to 18, from shoes to accessories and everything in between.

I love what I do! So hold on for this ride as I share my life inside fashion heaven!

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